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Popcorn time is here again. Our pack directly earns 33% on all popcorn sales.

All of our fun Pack activities, all of our Pack award ceremonies, and many of the official Council Cub Scout events in the city are paid through everyone’s fundraising efforts and volunteer hours. Pack 727 has paid at times close to $5,000 each year to cover the costs of about 30 Cubs each year in the following activities:

·         Corn Maze Visit -- $8.00 /Cub

·         Pine Wood Derby Car kits -- $6.00/Cub

·         Supplies for Den Activities (ex. Whittling Chip) $200.00/yr

·         Trophies for Pine Wood Derby -- $300.00 yearly

·         Dinner entrees for Special Events  4/year @ $200.00/event

·         Cakes, Desserts, etc. for Special events --  $200.00/yr

·         Bowling event  -- $8/Cub

·         Pack Awards – 3 times/yr avg $450 per event -- $1350.00

·         Group  Site Fees – 3 x/year - $120.00 - $250 average per campout

·         Cross Over Awards ceremony, includes awards, kerchiefs & toggles -- $800.00 at the end of every school year.

This year we would like to add:

·         A popcorn popping machine.  $150.00
·       Pay for a portion or all of the fees for the Pack campout at the zoo next spring.  $30.00 per Cub

                In order to maintain these opportunities available for our Cubs, we all need to work for a community goal of earning no less than $5,000 in profit from our popcorn sales.  With an average of 30 Cub Scouts, our leadership committee has agreed that would be $220 of profit from each Cub Scout. We are also asking every family to volunteer no less than 3 hours at the Sunday Kitchen event in December.

                To achieve $220 in profit from your popcorn sales, your sales goal must be at least $600.00. In the past, many have been able to achieve this goal with hard work, and this has provided us with the opportunity to keep from charging each scout yearly dues to pay for the above items. 


We understand that this is a hard goal to meet, so this year, we will offer everyone the opportunity  to opt out of the full sales goal, and just pay out the costs through dues:  The payment options are:

Total Popcorn Sales

33% Profit earned

Dues owed to Pack 727

Monthly payments






At this sales level, Cubs will earn the shooter & special prizes




At all levels the Cub will earn his patch & sales level prizes


















































$0 in popcorn sales, requires $220.00 due to the pack. This can be done in 4 monthly payments of $55.00 starting in October to be paid by Feb 2018.  Or in 6 monthly payments of $36.67 to be paid between October & April 2016.

We will allow an extra month (December) for rechartering of current members.

Here is the Council's timetable.  We will adjust certain dates for our pack.  
 August   Popcorn Form Orders picked up. Orders for Pack 727 can be picked up at the kickoff presentation.  More information to follow.
Sept Show & Sell Deadline. Pack can decide to do several show and sells at several locations.
Nov Turn in unit popcorn orders and money to the council office without penalty. Please submit only one unit check to the Yucca council for payment.
Late Nov    Distribution of Popcorn