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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join Cub Scouts?
Boys entering the First Grade or are age 7 and looking for fun, excitement and an opportunity to learn new things!

What does Cub Scouts offer my son? 
The Cub Scouting Program has 10 purposes related to the overall mission of the Boy Scouts of America tobuild character, learn citizenship, and develop personal fitness: 

1. Character Development  6. Respectful Relationships
2. Spiritual Growth 7. Personal Achievement
3. Good Citizenship 8. Friendly Service
4. Sportsmanship & Fitness 9. Fun & Adventure
5. Family Understanding 10. Preparation for Boy Scouts

How does participation in Cub Scouting affect participation other activities? 
The Cub Scout program is designed to compliment many other extracurricular activities. Typical time commitment is two den meetings and one pack meeting per month, plus an occasional, optional district event on a Saturday. 

Boys who participate in organized sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, gymnastics, etc, or academic-based extracurricular activities like music, art, science etc., can be recognized for these activities though Cub Scout belt loops and pins which are worn on their uniform.

When and where do we meet? 
Pack meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month at New Horizons Methodist Church. Den meetings are typically held two times per month, and the meeting schedule and location is determined by the den's adult leadership. 

Can parents be involved? 
Parent participation is required for Tigers and it is highly encouraged for all other Dens. Parents can be Den Leaders, Committee Members or just assist wherever they are needed. There is a place for everyone. 

What does it cost? 
The annual dues for a boy in Cub Scout Pack 7 is $55 for the 2014-2015 academic year. Scouts with parents as registered adult leaders receive a discount of 50% on their dues. Adult leader registration is free. 

What do the annual dues include? 
  • Neckerchief, Slide, and Den Handbook
  • Pinewood Derby Car Kit
  • Raingutter Regatta Boat Kit
  • All Scouting Awards and Belt Loops Earned
  • Boys Life Magazine 
Some items not covered by the pack dues are the uniform shirt and insignia patches, belt (optional), fees for district and council events, and camping fees. 

If you are concerned about the financial aspects of scouting please talk to our Cubmaster or Committee Chair. We will work with you to get your boy involved. 

What do the uniforms consist of?
Cub Scouting is a uniformed organization. The uniform is an important part of the Cub Scouting experience and most all boys are very eager and proud to obtain and wear a full uniform that shows they belong to the group. The Cub Scout uniform identifies the organization with our community.

Scouts wear their uniform to all Pack and Den events including Den meetings, Pack meetings, outings and other activities. The uniform should be worn proudly and properly: clean, neat, shirt buttoned, and shirt tails tucked.

In Pack 7, we wear the Cub Scout uniform “from the belt up;” the hat is optional. The official pants and socks are not required. Scouts are encouraged to wear Denim or dark blue pants/shorts with their uniform shirt, along with tennis shoes or hiking boots with socks.

Tigers through Bears wear the Official Cub Scout blue shirt, while Webelos may wear the Official Cub Scout blue or the Official Boy Scout tan shirt.

A Scouting uniform can be pieced together over time. It is not required to have a complete uniform immediately upon joining Scouts.
  • Cub Scout Handbook - $12.99
  • Uniform shirt - $24.99
  • World Scout crest emblem - $1.99
  • Council shoulder patch - $3.80
  • Red pack number - 7 - $1.49
  • Neckerchief - $8.99
  • Neckerchief Slide - $5.99
  • Belt (optional) - $9.99 
  • Hat (optional) - $14.99
These items can be purchased from the Scout Shop, located at 1203 Fay Street in Columbia. 

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us!