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Like all Boy Scout Troops in the BSA, Troop 7 strives to be a boy-led unit. The Senior Patrol Leader and Patrol Leaders are elected by the Scouts, and typically serve for 1/2 of the Scout year.

Senior Patrol:

Senior Patrol Leader
Asst. Senior Patrol Leader

Chaplains Aide

Leadership Roles:

Asst. Chaplains Aide
Outdoor Ethics Trainer

Antonio Colao
Kieran Grayson

John Scomillio
Matt Schepis
Mark Stephen
Alex Hartmann

Stephen Levin
Antonio Colao
Robert Trabulsi
Nick Colao

Our adult leaders are experienced and trained. They are there to guide, rather than direct the Scouts. Most have been with the Scouting movement since their own sons were in Cubs, some haven't left since they were Scouts themselves!


Anthony Colao


Assistant Scoutmasters

Art Zeman

Tom Donahue

James Bennett

Joe Giordano

Mike Grayson

Bruce Hartmann

Karen Kaplan

Phil Massaro*

Dan Santangelo*

Jacob Levie *

*These are troop7 Eagles that still come and work with the boys

Committee Chair

Audrey Hunt

Dorothy Levin will assume this role in June


Carolyn Grayson


Advancement Chair

Judy Condon


Chartered Organization Representative

Barbara O’Donnell


Troop Advisor

Steve O’Donnell


Training Coordinator

Alan Kaplan



Wendy Sansone

Always need help

Thanksgiving Feast Coordination

Dorothy Levin

Karen Kaplan



Joe Schepis

Need  a replacement for 2019-2020

Event  Planning/Booking

Joe Schepis

Need  a replacement for 2019-2020

Event Coordination/Rosters+

Carrie Scomillio


Fundraising Chair

Dorothy Levin

 Need  a replacement for 2019-2020


Dorothy Levin

 Wendy Sansone

Karen Kaplan

Lisa Stevens



Allen Tehranian

Carolyn Greyson



Joe Schepis

Need  a replacement for 2019-2020

Car Wash(s)

Dorothy Levin


Lake Avenue Flags

Anthony Colao


Parent Coordinator

Carrie Scommillo


Summer Camp Coordinator

Carolyn Grayson


Eagle Advisor

John Scomillio


Boy Scout Swag

Judy Condon


How can I become a Troop Leader?

All parents who want to help out in any way are always welcome. To become a leader, it takes no small amount of time and a considerable amount of patience and dedication, but the potential rewards are enormous. An aspiring leader must first register with the BSA as an adult, and consent to a mandatory background check. He or she should then become familiar with our Troop and how it operates; develop a broad familiarization of the Scouting program from the ground up; understand and adhere to BSA regulations and guidelines; set an example by practicing the Scout Oath and the Scout Law; be consistent and reliable; and through the Scouting program have a genuine desire to work with young people. Finally, a prospective leader must be approved by the Troop Committee and the Charter Organization. The rest of what you need will come in time. Leadership training in the BSA is always ongoing, and there other leaders always ready to help.