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Cub Scout Pack 3209
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Why keep a boy in Scouts?

Ever been asked by friends, family, and/or co-workers why you have your son in scouts? Ever ponder that question yourself? I know that I've been asked that question. I've even asked it of myself; and I'm a leader in this Troop! Let's face it, sometimes it's tough to remember why this is so important. We all know it is; but have a hard time putting our finger on it. In one of my myriad traversals across the 'net in the past several months, whilst doing research to create this web site, I came across the quote below. It's from WoodBadge Scoutmaster, Mike Castleberg of SC-394. What's a WoodBadge Scoutmaster? Let's just say he's a seasoned paraprofesional. In his closing letter to WoodBadge trainees, Mr. Castleberg wrote the following:

      Someone once said, "Boys will be boys." 
      He forgot to add, "Boys will be men." 
      And so they will.  They will, most certainly,
      shape the world of the future to meet their
      own desires.  They will dictate a morality
      that matches their moral codes.  They will
      dispense justice according to their ideas of
      right and wrong.  They will wield power to
      achieve their own ends.  And we will be able
      to do nothing to prevent them, not then. 

      But today we have it in our power to define
      the world of the future. By molding their
      desires, by helping them set their moral
      values.  By guiding them as they try to
      decide what is right and what is wrong. By
      teaching them that the use of power carries
      with it a responsibility to others. 

      It is much easier to build a child than it
      is to repair a man. 

      That is our obligation; as parents, as
      citizens and above all as Scouters." 

Well, I don't know about you; but that pretty much does it for me.
Thanks for taking time to read this.

Pack/Troop 209 Staff