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Parent Talent Survey

Hello Akelas!  In order to help the Pack, we would like to know a little more about you and some of your areas of expertise that might be helpful. Please fill out the Parent Survey attached and give to your den leader.

Thank you for supporting Scouting!
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Want a bigger role?

As a volunteer organization we're always looking for help when it comes to running the pack! We certainly encourage parents to be involved. (Bonus.. you get to wear a uniform!)

If you would like to help directly with the boys and their program Den Leadership and Assistant Den Leadership is the perfect opportunity for you.  At this leadership level, you'd create/assist in the meeting to meeting activities for the boys and help them earn their rank advancement.

If you'd rather deal with fellow Akelas, then Committee membership would be your best bet.  Committee members are the structural bones of our pack and we work hard to make sure that Pack 317 has what it needs to thrive and be a successful scouting program.

All adult volunteers must fill out an Adult Application Form

Thank you for your interest in Leadership!

Yours In Scouting

Paolo Feliciano

PA Act 15

Act 15 is Pennsylvania's 2015 amendment to their Child Protective Services Law and affects volunteers who are responsible for children's welfare or who have "direct volunteer contact". The Amendment requires that all of our volunteers undergo a series of state and federal background checks.  If you wish to participate in any of our pack's trips and events, these must be completed.  There is no cost to you as long as you have lived in PA for 10 years or more.

  1. PA State Police criminal history ($0.00 for Volunteers)
  2. PA Department of Human Services clearance AKA Child Abuse ($0.00 for Volunteers)
  3. Finger print FBI criminal history – (volunteers not living in Pennsylvania for the entire 10 prior years) ($25.75) OR an FBI waiver (attached for 10 or more year residents of PA)
    1. Pre-registration is required online at

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How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse

In order to complete your scout's initial rank of Bobcat, Parents are asked to go over the Youth Protection pamphlet and are encouraged to do the activities starting on Page 14.  This pamphlet is the last portion of the Bobcat rank and is also a requirement to do every year.  Scouting utilizes repetition in their program to drive home important skills.  

You can find the web version of the pamphlet by clicking this link: Youth Protection 
Alternatively, the pamphlet is also attached and can be downloaded below.
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Pack Policies

Pack 317 Policies


1.Neitherphysical nor verbal abuse is an acceptable form of behavior or disciplinewhether from scouts, parents/guardians, or leaders in a Scouting setting. Anyconduct violation must be reported to the Pack Committee Chair for review. ThePack Committee Chair will review the matter with the committee and respondappropriately to ensure and protect the safety of all scouting participants.

2.Alcohol,drugs, smoking, and firearms are all prohibited at any scouting event, meeting,or activity includingvenues such as CocaCola Park, PPL Center etc.

3.AllCub Scouts and Scout Leaders must be in full uniform, Class A or B depending onthe venue, for all scouting events and related activities as outlined in ouruniform code of conduct for insurance, identification, and safety purposes.Failure to dress accordingly may limit a scout’s participation in specificscouting events.

4.Allscout fees for scouting events are nonrefundable.

5.Returnedcheck fees are the responsibility of the payor in addition to the originalcheck amount. These fees must then be paid in cash. There will be first offenseforgiveness, however, if subsequent checks are returned due to insufficientfunds, then all future monies shall be collected in cash. Names will remainconfidential between the Pack Treasurer and the Pack Committee Chair and shallonly be shared with another committee member on a need to know basis.

6.PackCommittee Chair approval is required for any and all pack purchases before theyare made or checks written.

7.Allreceipts must be submitted to the Pack Treasurer &/or Pack Committee Chairfor reimbursement within 30 days.

8.An“Activity Consent Form and Approval by Parents or Legal Guardian” form from eachscout are required for every go-see-it or field trip.

9.Two-deepleadership is required for all scouting activities and meetings. (Tworegistered leaders or one registered leader and 1 adult/parent over the age of21). Lion andTiger cubs, however, must always have an adult partner.

10.Allleaders in direct contact with our youth need to complete Youth Protection,Fast Start, This Is Scouting & Leader Specific online trainings.

11.Nonew leader applications will be accepted without a completed Youth Protectiontraining certificate.

12.Thecost of leader applications & all required, basic trainings will be paidfor by the pack.  

13.Allleaders will follow all BSA procedures and policies as outlined by the CubScout Leader Guide and training documents.

14.YouthProtection training must be updated every two years by all registeredvolunteers.

15.PAACT 15 clearances for all Leaders and Active parents must be met and submittedto the Committee Chair and are valid for 5 years.

16.Atleast one BALOO trained leader must be present for any den or pack campingevent or outing.

17.Aresource and program guide will be made available to every den leader. Free denmeeting plans are available online.

18.ThePack first aid kit must be present at all pack meetings and pack events.

19. Dens must have their own den first aid kits (providedby the pack), log books, and emergency contact information* with them for allden meetings, field trips, or go-see-its. *For every den member, den leadersmust have a copy of the current parent/emergency contact information, includingcell phone numbers, on hand at all scouting events and meetings.

20.Denleaders will sign out their den first aid kits via contract at the beginning ofeach scouting year. Supplies will be paid for and restocked by the pack as longas protocol for use has been followed.

21.Leadersmust have the council executive’s phone number on hand at all times.  Any critical or serious scouting accident oremergency including suspicion of child abuse must be phoned to the councilexecutive before talking to anyone else.

22.Leaderbooks, guides, and den kits are pack property and therefore, must be returnedto the pack for re-use when leader service is complete. Leaders will be heldaccountable and billed for the current replacement cost for any items notreturned upon their leave.

23.ThePack inventory will be updated annually by the Pack Secretary and placed onfile with the Pack Committee Chair.

24.Allskits/songs for Pack meeting sparklers will be submitted to the Cubmaster forpre-approval.

25.Scoutphoto release forms must be consulted before posting photos on the website,visiting TV or radio stations, video recording, or submitting any recordedmaterial for display or media release. No scout names shall be posted on thepack website.

26.Awardsmust be sent to the Awards Chair at least one week prior to the pack meeting.Leaders must then reply to the Awards Chair to confirm or modify the monthlyawards report summary.

27.Denchiefs will be a minimum of First Class rank, complete den chief training, andbe approved by the Pack Committee Chair and Cubmaster for den assignment.

28.Itis the parent’s responsibility to find and assign a willing guardian for theirscouting son while attending resident overnight camp if the parent is not ableto accompany them. A completed and signed copy of the pack’s “Parent Designee”form must be on file and approved by the pack’s Camp Coordinator.

29.Scoutaccounts earned from fundraiser sales may only be used for approved scoutingpurchases such as scout dues, gear, attire, and activities. Pack CommitteeChair approval is required prior to all purchases.

30.Scoutaccount balances may be carried over from Cub scouts to Boy scouts, however, ifa scout quits scouting at any rank and has a scout account balance, theremaining money does not get cashed out to the individual, but will beassimilated back into pack funds.

31.Balancesfor Cub scouts who have recently crossed over to Boy scouts will continue to bemanaged by the pack until the scout’s fall “fair share” or troop dues have beenpaid and the scout is deemed to still be active in the troop. At that time, thetroop will then receive any scout account monies and assume the responsibilityof managing the account for the scout.

32.Fundraisersales for multiple scouts in one family may be combined for prizes and forcalculating scout account award monies. The family shall have the option ofplacing all of the money under one scout name or dividing it between scouts.

33.Patchesand/or medals earned by individual scouts /families participating in programssuch as the Historical programs and hiking trails are the financialresponsibility of the individual/family unless it is a Pack-sponsored eventwhich has budgeted to include such awards.

34.ThePack will recognize and award the Religious knot to any scout earning hisReligious emblem.

35.Allexpenses will be reviewed annually by the Pack Committee Chair with theassistance of the Pack Treasurer.

36.Allpolicies will be reviewed annually and updated accordingly by the PackCommittee Chair and Committee.



** It is recommended that at least one leader from each denbe present at monthly pack committee meetings. Anyone is welcome to attendthese meetings. All committee members andleaders are required to read the monthly pack committee meeting minutes.


** It is also recommended that at least one leader from eachden be present at the quarterly Cubmaster’s meetings


Inactive Scouts


Cub Scouts are expected to attend allden and pack meetings in order to gain the full benefits of the Scoutingprogram.


A scout may be considered “inactive” byaction of the Pack Committee for any of the following reasons:


1.If a scout has 4 consecutive den and 2 pack meeting absences.

2.Obvious lack of interest on the part of the scout and/or parents.

3.Failure to pay the required registration fees or den dues.

4.The Den leader deems it necessary to have a boy declared “Inactive” to maintaindiscipline in the den.

5.Or by the request of a family for certain medical or family situations.


Should any of the above reasons forinactivity exist, the den leader will notify the Pack Committee Chair. The PackCommittee Chair in turn shall notify the scout and his family. Inactive scoutswill be on probation for a minimum of 1 month and during this time will not beeligible to receive awards, rank advancement, Blue and Gold recognition, norwill they be allowed to participate in special pack events such as the Pinewoodderby and as further determined by the Pack committee and Cubmaster.


After the initial probation period of30 days, the specific situation may be reassessed by the Pack committee and theinactivity lifted or extended. At this time the scout and his family areexpected to petition the Pack committee for re-instatement and must be able to resumeregular den meeting attendance and pack participation, settle any debts owed tothe pack, or show that a change in behavior has been achieved at this time. Ifafter the one month probation has ended and the above named reason forinactivity continues and/or the family has not applied for re-instatement,inactive status shall continue to remain in effect. Communications to scouts onextended inactive status need not be maintained by the den or pack leadership.


Inactive status shall not extend beyonda registration period. In other words, if a scout’s current registrationexpires during a period when he is deemed inactive, the scout shall be droppedfrom active charter and a new application will need to be submitted andapproved along with the appropriate renewal fees. Also, as per pack policy, allscouting fees are nonrefundable, therefore refunds will not be given to scoutswho are placed on the inactive list and/or dropped from the pack charter.




Policies doc. reviewed and updated by PEF and WDS on 8/24/17.